Kayak Adventure in Swedish Östergötland

A few moments later we saw the dividing line between no rain and a heavy cloud front.
Then it hit our kayak! Rain poured down as if someone poured buckets on us.

It seemed like the rain drops bounced back from the surface. The kayak spray decks quickly filled with water.”Faster, faster! Don’t stop paddling!” I yelled at Monica. Just a few hundred meters upfront was a little island where we could go on land and try to hide from the wind and rain.
The storm front lasted only a few minutes then it was over and we could watch it vanishing behind us.

These experiences show what happens in Swedish Östergötland if a rain front catches you on the sea
with nowhere to hide.
It’s a good thing we had excellent gear and knew our limits from previous trips.
Thomas, the owner of the trip-organizing agency DoTheNorth, had told us: “Don’t worry! The kayaks are nearly unsinkable.”
A the rental point were given a top-notch adventure double kayak measuring more than six meters.

This type of kayak fits a surprising number of items.

  • Full set of kitchen equipment with pans, pots and a stove
  • Food and fresh water for five days
  • A Hillberg Tent! Yay!
  • Sleeping bags, mats
  • 2 Waterproof bags each for personal stuff

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All in all we had an amazing experience and we wouldn’t hesitate do a similar trip.

We outlined our daily routes on a map to give you an overall idea of our trip.

View the map of our trip on Google Maps